How to tell if mystery snail eggs are fertile?


Many people are concerned about whether or not their mystery snail eggs are fertile or not. Look at the preview image of this article. This is what healthy fertilized mystery snail eggs look like!

See how they look healthy, even for a newbie’s eye. Good round bubbly eggs with dense contrast color. Rotten infertile eggs would look deformed and out of color. Here is the video of infertile snail eggs:

Infertile Mystery Snail Clutch(1)

Another sure way to understand if mystery snail eggs are infertile is to smell them. It’s very straightforward: healthy fertile eggs have no foul odor or distinctive smell while infertile ones smell bad. 

Infertile eggs leave red or pinkish stains after you leave them on a damp cloth. Fertile eggs will leave no marks at all.

Eggs on the preview image will probably hatch in a couple of days. You should know that for about three days before hatching, eggs begin to cover in moldy paint. On average, it takes from a week up to four weeks for a clutch of eggs to hatch. It all depends on temperature and other conditions.

How do mystery snails breed? 

Apple snails multiply all year long. Therefore there is no specific season during which they reproduce. It is practically impossible to determine the difference between a male and a female mystery snail. 

The best temperature for mystery snail breeding is about 25 degrees celsius. As we explained above, it is better to take multiple snails and put them in one container with a cover lid so they wouldn’t go away.

After some time, a female with fertilized eggs will rise to the top to hatch the eggs. A complete hatch looks like a grape branch. Be careful if eggs fall into the water, they will not hatch, and baby snails will die. Little mystery snail babies will hatch after 2 to 3 weeks, and eventually, they will break through a bit darkened eggshells and fall in the fish tank. You can feed them with special bottom food for snails or just have a lot of vegetation.

How to Breed Mystery Snails/Apple snail.

Depending on the species, mystery snails lay between 80 and 200 eggs on average per clutch. The population density of the aquarium will determine how many eggs are produced by a female. As with other fish and snails, it is recommended to have a couple of females per one male, but it is sometimes impossible to determine their sex. 

The aquarium must be kept at a warm and humid temperature in order for the development to be successful. The use of a lid is required for your aquarium to prevent the females from crawling from the aquarium. 

Mystery snail is not hermaphrodite species as many would think. Their sex is just very hard to guess. The mystery snail eggs are not laid in water, as is the case with many other mollusks. 

Female mystery snail does her nesting only in the evening or late afternoon or when the lights are off. First, she seeks a proper place to leave the clutch of eggs. The eggs are very sticky as they will be bound to one place for multiple weeks. This all results in a dense clutch that resembles a bunch of grapes at the top of your aquarium. Do not touch eggs immediately as they are still not robust enough. They are opaque at first, and then the clutch becomes stone in color in a couple of days. Eventually, the clutch takes on a pink hue. Soon before hatching, it gets moldy, and then it turns coal-black in appearance. 

How to keep mystery snail eggs healthy and fertile? 

Many things influence the growth of healthy mystery snail eggs. Healthy offspring need for development a consistent water temperature. As long as the water temperature in the aquarium is between +24 * C and +26 * C, the eggs will be ready to hatch in about 14 days. If the temperature is lower than required, the hatching will take more time. Another crucial thing to consider is humidity. If the humidity level in the tank drops too low, the clutch will simply dry out and die. 

hatching mystery snail eggs - start to finish

When the perfect time comes that the young snails will hatch from their eggs and fall into the aquarium, these infants require a diet of chopped duckweed and fresh lettuce to thrive. If you are going to give them proper food, mystery snails will grow rapidly. Change the water in your aquarium regularly. In addition, you can cultivate mystery snails in different containers. These snails usually live for three to four years, depending on the type and aquarium quality. The babies will reach puberty and breed at around one year of age. We wish you the best of luck and hope that your mystery snail eggs will be fertile!