How do flame dwarf gourami female looks like?


Flame gourami are one of the most beautiful gourami species. An interesting fact about flame gourami is that fishkeepers artificially produced this species by systematically crossbreeding for multiple generations to achieve the beautiful red flame coloring. With a flaming body and a blue dorsal tail, this fish is a genuine showcase, and it would make an excellent addition to any home aquarium. Flame dwarf gourami female is a beautiful addition and a good front piece for any fish tank.

How do flame dwarf gourami female looks like?

Flame dwarf gourami female has less bright hues and paler colors than males. The male is more expressive in appearance. Flame dwarf gourami female fins are curved and rounded, while males have longer and pointy fins. Pairs of flame dwarf gourami love to go swimming in groups.

The appearance of flame dwarf gourami female

Flame dwarf gourami female has sides of the body that are somewhat compressed and oval in shape. The fins with rounded edges, on the other hand, are rather substantial in size compared to other gouramis. The male is a bit longer and slimmer. 

The most distinct feature of flame dwarf gourami is its coloration. The whole body is painted in juicy flame red color without any stripes and marks like other species. A contrasting blue dorsal fin adds another feature to the look of this species. The younglings of flame dwarf gourami, especially females, can easily be mistaken for honey gourami. Ensure to inspect and scrutinize them when buying to avoid disappointment in the future.

How to feed and care for flame dwarf gourami female?

Flame dwarf gourami is a very nice fish, and you won’t have any problems with feeding or caring for it. Fish stores already have specially made food tailored for gourami fish that increases their colors and immunity, which comprise all of the required vitamins and minerals. In addition, live food, such as bloodworms, can be included in their diet. It is crucial to mix different food types for gourami fish.

This species does not grow very big. For a flame dwarf gourami female and male, a fish tank of 10 gallons or 40 liters will be enough. These fish are usually the centerpiece of the whole aquarium. You do not need to have an air pump for gourami fish because it has a unique labyrinth organ that allows it to breathe air from the surface. Thus the bare minimum for aquariums equipment is a lighting system, heating, and an energy-efficient filter. Flame dwarf gourami females like slow currents, so make sure to turn the filter’s outlet away and decrease the current speed to ensure that the filter provides the least amount of water movement. Like any other fish every week, a quarter of the water volume should be replenished to maintain a high-quality water composition free from poisonous compounds.

Also, flame dwarf gourami females like aquariums with dense plant thickets and decorations to hide, but make sure to leave plenty of space for swimming. This provides the fish with a sense of security, which is necessary to avoid anxiety. The substrate can be of any texture, but it should be dark to highlight the female gourami that without that have shy colors.

How does flame dwarf gourami female behave?

Female flame dwarf gourami gets along with fish of similar size and shy temperaments, such as various catfish or neons. Avoid species that are aggressive, big, or energetic. Sometimes other gouramis can cause more trouble than different fish types.

Usually, the male is dominant, and the female flame dwarf gourami is shy and timid. This hierarchy among fire guramis is always followed.

How do flame dwarf gourami females breed?

It is vital to have a separate tank to breed basically all gourami species effectively. Otherwise, other aquarium inhabitants will eat eggs or newly hatched fry. It is sufficient to have a 5 gallon or 20 liter spawning tank for it. You need all the equipment you have in the usual gourami aquarium plus an air pump. Gourami fry develop labyrinth organ only at around one month’s age. They will die without an air pump. 

A better diet, including meat items, bloodworms, and insect larvae, will stimulate flame dwarf gourami females for spawning. If the conditions are good, the female will have a bit rounded belly due to all the caviar inside her. 

The male uses a variety of aquarium wastes (small twigs and pieces of leaves, etc.) and air bubbles to create the nest for females to spawn the caviar. The male swims around the female and invites her to join him in the nest, bends her, and helps to gather all the eggs back to the nest if missed.

After depositing up to 800 eggs, the flame dwarf gourami female must promptly be transferred to the main aquarium. The male will remain near the nest to care for it. On the third day after the fry, start swimming out of the nest, transfer the male same as the female.