How long do gourami fish live?


Many fishkeepers want gourami to be a centerpiece of their aquariums. In nature, they can be found on vast islands in Vietnam and Indonesia. They are well-liked by many people and have become a popular aquarium fish. They are quiet, pleasant, and easy to get along with. 

Beginners are unlikely to know how long do gourami fish live in a home aquarium. Depending on how well they are cared for, gourami may live for a long timeGenerally, gourami fish live up to 5 to 7 years. Given the abundance of predators, this is a respectable life expectancy.

The gourami usually live a shy lifestyle, protected by aquatic vegetation. Fish of such beauty are a popular option for fishkeepers as their first pet since they are easy to maintain. There are no other fish of such beauty, ease of care, and availability for home aquarium. It is peaceful and kind in their natural environment. 

No matter what gourami species you pick or the size of the school, you must provide it with the most excellent possible water parameters, food quality, and general care. If you provide an ideal environment, they can have a lifespan of up to ten years. This is always fantastic if you fishkeepers adamantly care for the fish. Looking at the numerous videos and photographs of fish tanks with gourami, you will see that all tanks have clean water. This is by far the most critical need for your gourami living a long life in your aquarium. 

In addition, the water temperature must be warm enough to make the fish feel comfortable. If you have temperature in the upper ranges, gourami will be more active but will live a shorter life, and with a lower water range, they will be less active but live a bit longer. Temperatures between 75 to 82 Farenheight and 24 to 28 degrees Celsius are considered optimal. Gourami fish do not necessitate an air pump, but the filter will be a good addition. They often reach the surface of the water as they take in oxygen. 

Your aquarium mustn’t be kept in a cold environment. Pets might become ill and die due to exposure to the chilly air. In conclusion, the gourami are simple to care for and need minimal effort on the owner’s part to live a long life in your aquarium.

They can be given either live food or alternative dry foods, but it is better to mix them. The food must be of good quality and the right size. If the fish cannot chew their food properly, they will be malnourished. Give them minced frozen meat as a special treat as well. Overall, this type of fish can withstand some periods without food as it is in nature. This is a critical point for a lot of people. You can live them for more than two weeks without food, and there is only a small effect on the general health of the fish. During this period, the gourami may eat up on the most basic of plants.